Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Blog Assignment #3

What are the benefits of chocolate?

I think this would be an interesting topic to write a paper on because I know there have been vast amounts of research done on it in recent years.  For my paper, I would first explore the nutritional benefits of it.  How does chocolate help you meet your daily dietary needs?  I would then talk about the psychological benefits of chocolate.  Chocolate can be a great stress reliever…why is that?  Finally, I want to learn the health benefits of chocolate, because I know there are many.  I did a simple Google search on “what are the benefits of chocolate,” and found endless websites pertaining to that topic, so I don’t think it will be difficult finding information.  Since it has been researched so much, I also think I could probably find a few good research studies on the effects of chocolate as well. 

I think that I will probably find more health benefits than anything.  Some problems that may arise might be finding accurate sources.  Most of what is on the web is second or third hand information, so I will have to make sure that it is a reliable source.  One other thing that I might look into is how chocolate was used throughout history for nutritional, health, and psychological purposes.

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